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Dahlia update for 2024
We have a bit of a change for this year and will have a pre sale in MAY 2024 date tbc. 

We are super excited to be releasing a number of our own new varieties this year as we work towards growing predominantly the dahlias we have bred.  Though we will keep some of the tried and true varieties we will be making more space for breeding and cultivating our own special breeds.

We are being even more ruthless this year with any stock that we are not happy with.  All our plants have been grown for at least one season on our property and we do not import any tubers.

Note - not all varieties we are growing will be available as we are building up our stock.  We are also developing our own varieties from seed, some of these will be available and some we will be keeping to build stock numbers.  

We also DO NOT take pre orders, please subscribe to our site and you will be notified when they go on sale.


Images used are all of our own stock

If we do make a mistake in labeling ( hopefully not! But it can happen) and you receive the wrong variety when it flowers, we will replace this for you the following season. If we have discontinued the variety a voucher to the value of your tuber/s will be issued. 

Due to the organic nature we can not guarantee that every tuber will grow but we do our utmost best to ensure you receive healthy and viable tubers with eyes. For this reason we do not refund or replace tubers that fail to grow as growing conditions are out of our hands.

As with all plant materials these are sent at the buyers risk.

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