Our tubers are all sold old and have been shipped for this season.

We will have limits on some varieties and this will be noted on each varieties purchasing page.  In this first release of tubers we will not be listing all stock as we want to ensure we have cover for all orders, this will mean that if some stock doesn't survive the winter (fingers crossed it does!) we will still have enough lovely viable tubers to send out for your orders. We hate seeing disappointed customers.  

So if you miss out now there is a good chance when we stocktake and start shipping we will release more quantities of some varieties.  

Payment is due on ordering - We also have Afterpay.

We will keep your tubers tucked up and safe for the winter.  They will then be starting to be shipped around end of September beginning of October to ensure you have them in time to plant.  

Note - not all varieties we are growing will be available as we are building up our stock.  We are also developing our own varieties from seed, some of these will be available and some we will be keeping to build stock numbers. 

We also do not take pre orders, please subscribe to our site and you will be notified when they go on sale.

If we do make a mistake in labeling ( hopefully not! But it can happen) and you receive the wrong variety when it flowers, we will replace this for you the following season. If we have discontinued the variety a voucher to the value of your tuber/s will be issued. 

Due to the organic nature we can not guarantee that every tuber will grow but we do our utmost best to ensure you receive healthy and viable tubers with eyes. For this reason we do not refund or replace tubers that fail to grow as growing conditions are out of our hands.