Dahlia tuber update

Our plants/tubers are still in the ground, we have had a very long summer this year and are much later having a killing frost.  Our digging will start mid May, we hope to have everything dug and divided by mid to late June.  This is a huge job but hope it will go smoothly.  We are being even more ruthless this year with any stock that we are not happy with.  All our plants have been grown for at least one season on our property and do not import any tubers.

We are going to be focusing on developing our own varieties in the coming years and this season will see the release of our first named tubers which we are pretty excited about.  These have been grown for 3 seasons on our properties to ensure we are happy enough for them to deserve a name.  

Note - not all varieties we are growing will be available as we are building up our stock.  We are also developing our own varieties from seed, some of these will be available and some we will be keeping to build stock numbers. 

We also DO NOT take pre orders, please subscribe to our site and you will be notified when they go on sale.