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Our second year seedlings 22/23 season - we have a number of these that will be grown on again for a third season  and then hopefully available to purchase next season.  
The traits we are are wanting for our plants are strong stems, high production, healthy, robust plants with good pest resistance. Good tuber production and tubers that aren't prone to rot.  Not a lot to ask!  But we want dahlias that we love to grow and in turn you will too.

Some of the first year seedlings 22/23 - these we will keep an eye on next season to see how they will perform.

A little bit of behind the scenes

We will be adding more info and images as we go to show you what happens on the farm and the process that goes on to grow our amazing blooms.  I often get busy with doing the work that I forget to photograph the goings on.  Hopefully I will get better at remembering this coming season as I would love to share a lot more of what I do and how we work on our farm.


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